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The Giving Spirit
The Giving Spirit program offers the opportunity for you to honor and celebrate those in your life. Your donation to the Alzheimer’s Association will support the important programs and research of the Alzheimer’s Association, Massachusetts/New Hampshire Chapter—and will create a lasting tribute.

Each year, we inscribe the names on The Giving Spirit plaques at our headquarters in Watertown, MA. The tall glass plaques that line our entry are a constant inspiration for people who visit our offices each day. We are reminded why we strive to secure a world without Alzheimer's.

As a Spirit contributor, you will be invited to the annual installation ceremony. We will celebrate the lives of those named on the Spirit plaque with an unveiling of the plaque. View the latest plaque here [PDF]. Private viewing is also available by calling 617.868.6718.
“Toward the end of my mother’s journey with Alzheimer’s, I eliminated the practice of giving a little bit of money to each program and charity I wanted to support. My sole focus on giving to the Alzheimer’s Association concentrates and intensifies my never-ending love for my mother.”
—Nicki Solomon