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Welcome to Mindset Poetry, a place where people can share their thoughts and feelings on Alzheimer’s disease, through the unique language of poetry.

Alzheimer's affects many people, in many ways. There are, of course, those diagnosed with the disease. There are others who live or care for them. Some are relatives, while others are simply touched by the story of a friend – or even a stranger.

Poetry provides an outlet for the varied emotions that come from all these situations. Mindset Poetry gives a place for these words to be gathered and shared. We hope you’ll enjoy exploring this special place. We’d love to hear your feedback, and if you have poetry of your own, about Alzheimer’s, please feel free to submit it for inclusion on the site.

About Mindset Poetry

Mindset Poetry is a project of the Alzheimer’s Association, Massachusetts/New Hampshire Chapter. We have created Mindset Poetry online journal to further awareness and to create a unique community. We welcome poetry submissions by anyone writing about experiences and thoughts about Alzheimer’s and dementia. Reaching out and sharing feelings, whether in a support group, an online community, or through creative arts can bring the connections that may make a difference in a lived experience. Our vision is a world without Alzheimer’s – until that day, we offer support, education and research for treatments and a cure.  Learn more about the Alzheimer’s Association at  Help and information about Alzheimer’s is available 24/7 at Helpline 800 272 3900.


Both amateur and professional poets are invited to submit their works for consideration.  All rights remain in the hands of the poet.  We do ask that you provide your name and contact information so that we can verify that the work is your authentic work. 

Advisory Committee

Nicole McGurin, Alzheimer’s Association, MA/NH, Program Director, Family Services

Gary Glazner, Founder/ Executive Director, Alzheimer's Poetry Project

Out of the Blue
by Anna Huckabee Tull

Submitted Nov. 16, 2016

Bereavement's Map
by Irene Hammer-McLaughlin

Submitted August 24, 2016

Fooled Again
by David Avakian

Submitted August 21, 2016

Five Years
by Jacqueline Doherty

Submitted August 11, 2016

Alzheimer's Abduction
by Brenda McGrath

Submitted June 4, 2016

Am I Lost
by Jean Laws

Submitted Jan. 4, 2016

Hearts Entwined
by Diane Stone-Camelio

Submitted Oct. 27, 2015

I Wish I Could Call My Mom
by Dennis Lowry, age 56, Princeton, MN

Submitted Oct. 14, 2015

Daddy's Smile
by Deania Dossett, age 51, Evansville, IN

Submitted Jan. 12, 2015

A Marraige
by Stephanie Peco, age 60, Austin, TX

Submitted Jan. 6, 2015

Anne H. Chang, age 45, Hillsborough, CA

Submitted Dec. 30, 2014

Anne H. Chang, age 45, Hillsborough, CA

Submitted Dec. 30, 2014

Wandering the Gift
by Michelle Villanueva, Las Vegas, NV

Submitted Dec. 17, 2014

Ron's Journey
by Karen Delmonico, State College, PA

Submitted Nov. 20, 2014

Shaping Lives to This Day
by Ronald Stevens, Kenosha, WI

Submitted Sept. 9, 2014

House of Memories
by Karen Kaplan Perlmutter, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Submitted Jun. 30, 2014

by Hyacinth L. Andersen, age 48, Yankton, SD

Submitted Jun. 28, 2014

Our Journey Continues
by Kala Cota, age 51, Veronia, OR

Submitted Jun. 17, 2014

Time Out to Cry
by Shannen Wrass, age 33, Pewaukee, WI

Submitted Mar. 26, 2014

Welcome to My World
by Shannen Wrass, age 33, Pewaukee, WI

Submitted Mar. 25, 2014

Inside The Undecipherable Mind
by Molly Middleton Meyer

Submitted Feb. 19, 2014

He Wants to Go Home
by Molly Middleton Meyer

Submitted Feb. 19, 2014

The Watcher
by jo-ann signori, age 54, Stoughton, MA

Submitted Jan. 27, 2014

Remembrance Of Things Present
by Peter Maeck, Lexington, MA

Submitted Jan. 3, 2014

I Will Always Remember That Day
by Avery Gaines, age 17, Twin Falls, ID

Submitted Jan. 2, 2014

Second Hand Dementia
by William Brochinsky, age 57, Cheshire, CT

Submitted Dec. 16, 2013

by Ann Gonzalez, age 62, Concord, NC

Submitted Dec. 6, 2013

Losing Someday
by Genise Jennings, age 55, Las Vegas, NV

Submitted Nov. 25, 2013

Mother-Father-Dementia-and Me
by William Brochinsky, age 57, Cheshire, CT

Submitted Nov. 21, 2013

Alzheimer Poem
by Joseph Vaughan, age 10, Harrow, TN

Submitted Nov. 18, 2013

We Am Not Ready
by Jo-Ann Signori, age 54, Stoughton, MA

Submitted Nov. 15, 2013

Dignity Remains
by Bridget C. Ortiz, age 43, Mesa, AZ

Submitted Oct. 17, 2013

The Perfect Friend
by Shannen Wrass, Pewaukee WI

Submitted Oct. 13, 2013

My Friend Brought Me Flowers
by Debra A. Daniels, age 51, Weymouth, MA

Submitted Oct. 9, 2013

by Meg Randolph, age 32, Bethlehem, PA

Submitted Sept. 25, 2013

I Understand
by Joy Rembert, age 32, West Haven, CT

Submitted July 26, 2013

by Lora Vieregge, age 54, Greenville, IL

Submitted August 30, 2013

We Lie Here
by Peter Ford, age 75, Salt Lake City, UT

Submitted August 27, 2013

by Martin H. Levinson, age 67, Forest Hills, NY

Submitted August 26, 2013

i love you mum
by Jo-Ann Signori

Submitted August 2, 2013

Memories On Hold
by Barbara P. Benjamin

Submitted July 30, 2013

She Has Moved On to Eternal Life in Heaven
by Syrene Porter, Alstead, NH

Submitted May 21, 2013

Losing You
by Katie Harrison, age 37; Sidcup, Kent, United Kingdom

Submitted March 31, 2013

Alzheimer's Petals
by Pam Phelps, age 57; Orange Park, FL

Submitted March 29, 2013

by Ryan Stevens, age 33, Groton, MA

Submitted Feburary 22, 2013

by Bob Taylor, Age: 70, Nova Scotia, Canada

Submitted Feburary 21, 2013

Remember Me
by Paula Timpson
, Age: 46, Venice, FL
Submitted Feburary 15, 2013

You Cannot Forget The Pain Of Loss
by Melissa Fry Beasley
, Age: 38, Chelsea, OK
Submitted Feburary 12, 2013

Flight of Lucidity
by Bridget MAge:e, Age: 46, Tucson, AZ

Submitted January 10, 2013

Seasons of Dementia
by Diana Howard, Age: 62, Dakota Dunes, SD

Submitted January 10, 2013

The Thief
by Sherry Bentley, Age: 53, Pickerington, OH

Submitted December 5, 2012

Life of a Family Caregiver
by Mary Hawkins

Submitted November 9, 2012

by William Fraker, Age: 63, Richmond, VA

Submitted July 5, 2012

On a Rainy Day in November
by William Fraker, Age: 63, Richmond, VA

Submitted July 5, 2012

by Jacqueline Doherty, Age: 51, Worcester, MA
Submitted June 29, 2012

My Mother
by Jacqueline Doherty, Age: 51, Worcester, MA

Submitted June 29, 2012

These Moments... (Woh Lamhe...)
by Wilyne Belizaire, Age: 22, Mulberry, FL
Submitted July 1, 2012

Find Me
by Frankie A. Soto, Age: 27, Hauppauge, NY

Submitted June 6, 2012

All of you
by Nakita Floyd, Age: 18, Berwick, ME
Submitted June 6, 2012

by Lisa Tellor-Kelley, Age: 47, Highland, IL
Submitted May 25, 2012

by Mark Cook, Age: 51, Huntsville, TX 
Submitted May 15, 2012

Wake up
by Gissella Gilden, Age: 38, Bolivar, MO 

Submitted May 14, 2012

Fugue for an Aging Grandmother
by Sarah Moss Fletcher, Age: 21, Charlottesville, VA 

Submitted May 10, 2012

by Tony Beldin, Bothell, WA 
Submitted April 3, 2012

Wilted Bones
by Erik Wilson, Age: 18, Miami, FL 

Submitted March 28, 2012

by Dorothy Bergevin, Swampscott, MA
Submitted January 7, 2012

Hey Dad
by Dee Frazier, Age: 58, Williamsport, PA
Submitted December 8, 2011

Love you Mom
by Jacqueline Doherty, Age: 51, Worcester, MA
Submitted August, 22, 2011

Us Three
by Jacqueline Doherty, Age: 51, Worcester, MA
Submitted August, 22, 2011

by Rhonda Lee Houston, Age: 51, Concord, NH
Submitted August 5, 2011

The Box
by Teresa Ramirez, Age: 47, North Platte, NE
Submitted July 19, 2011

by Kathy Zimmerman, Age: 53, Fulton, MO
Submitted June 24, 2011

by Faith Wyche, Age: 50, Camden, NJ
Submitted February 18, 2011

When we Visited my Grandmother
by Taylor Gould, Age: 21, Corinna, ME 

Submitted February 15, 2011

by Hayley Fox, Age: 21, Ballwin, MO
Submitted February 6, 2011

Same Eyes
by Kaley C. Fore, Age: 43, Smyrna, TN
Submitted January 18, 2011

The Visits
by Anne Tredici, Age: 65, Monroe Township , NJ

Submitted December 30, 2010

by Katy Rugg, Age: 40, Cambridge, MA
Submitted December 7, 2010

Worry and Toil
by Deborah Strafuss, Age: 59, Wayland, MA
Submitted November 9, 2010

Untitled prose poem
by Nancy Lagomarsino, Age: 67, Hanover, NH
Submitted August 4, 2010

Beneath Mom's Brown Pillow
by Donte Tamprateep, Age: 32, Ballwin, MO
Submitted July 20, 2010

Hear Here
by Tony Lane, Age: 52, Maumee, OH
Submitted July 14, 2010

The Treasure Hunt
by Tony Lane, Age: 52, Maumee, OH
Submitted July 14, 2010

by Lorraine Courtney, Age: 52, Concord, NH
Submitted June 24, 2010

by Kathleen  Reynolds-Hughes, Age: 58, Kansas City, MO
Submitted May 9, 2010

Slow Fade
by Kathleen  Reynolds-Hughes, Age: 58, Kansas City, MO
Submitted May 9, 2010

Hands of Time
by Donna Webb, Age: 57, Racine, WI
Submitted May 6, 2010

by David Arnold Hughes, Age: 60, Kansas City, MO
Submitted May 5, 2010

The Terrorist
by Bob Amerault, Age: 43, Reading, MA
Submitted April 29, 2010

Security Checkpoint
by Irene Hammer-McLaughlin, age 41
Submitted April 23, 2010

Heart String Theory
by Irene Hammer-McLaughlin, age 41
Submitted April 23, 2010

by Max Wallack, age 13, Natick, MA
Submitted April 13, 2010

by Mariarose, age 51
Submitted March 8, 2010

Old Enough to Forget
by Taylor Gould, age 19, Corinna, ME
Submitted March 3, 2010

The Softer Edge of Memory
by Diana Saenz, age 60, Londonderry, NH
Submitted January 11, 2010

Permission Granted
by Irene Hammer-McLaughlin, age 40, Needham, MA
Submitted December 15, 2009

Journey to the Valley of the Shadows
by Rafael A. Quiles Sr., age 59, Methuen, MA
Submitted December 8, 2009

Pieces of our Minds
by Frances Shani Parker

Submitted October 20, 2009

Do We Dare to Ponder
by Michael Santasieri, age 54, Franklin, MA
Submitted October 18, 2009

The Christmas Tree
by Alan Holbrook, age 63, Groton, MA
Submitted October 13, 2009

My Mind
by Jill E. Judson, age 55, Brookline, MA
Submitted September 26, 2009

by Thomas E. Rice, age 60, Derry, NH
Submitted September 15, 2009

by M.E. Johansson
Submitted August 13, 2009

by Jonna Casoli, age 13, Lyman, ME
Submitted July 1, 2009

by Lee McCurley, Nashua, NH
Submitted June 17, 2009

Where I'm From
by Laura Damuck, age 92, North Chelmsford, MA
Submitted May 22, 2009

The Lake
by Christina Ames, age 30, Moultonborough, NH
Submitted May 7, 2009

Ask Your Name
by Steve Smith, Pittsfield, MA
Song with lyrics
Submitted April 15, 2009

The Retired Officer
by Frankie Carlson, Rocky Hill, CT

Submitted April 9, 2009

The Bath
by Holly J. Hughes
from the anthology, Beyond Forgetting
Submitted April 6, 2009

A Little Less than the Angels
by Claire Keyes
from the anthology, Beyond Forgetting
Submitted April 6, 2009

The Memories
by Sarah Verrier, age 18, Arlington, MA
Submitted March 30, 2009

Familiar Face
by Barbara Azzalina, age 53, Medford, MA
Submitted March 11, 2009

Showering an Alzheimer's Victim
by Rose Lamatt, age 67, Geneva, FL
Submitted March 9, 2009

The Shell
by Marie B. Bolin, age 81, Temple Terrace, FL
Submitted March 9, 2009

by Elsie Duggan, age 82, Wappingers Falls, NY
Submitted March 9, 2009

by the Early Stage Dementia Group hosted by the Hudson Valley/ Rockland/ Westchester, NY Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association

Which Goodbye
by Doug Mathewson

My Girls
by Pam Harris, New Salem, MA

Remembering How to Fly
by Leigh Marthe, Westmoreland, NH

Still You
by Diane Tosca, Taunton, MA

The Mist of Remembrance

by Ariana, age 13, Lee, NH

When the Day Comes
by Cynthia Johnson

by Alyssa Hershfield, Sharon, MA

Still in There
The Couple
Nursing Home Halls
by Judy Paglia

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